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I'd say that Covid-19 hit me on the weirdest nerve possible. Just before the whole thing went down, I traveled back to Sri Lanka for a much needed holiday but I ended up being self-isolated for a week before Australia announced that they will be closing the borders for at least 6 months. So I took the last flight from Colombo to Melbourne and self-isolated myself again for 14 days. I spent a bit of my holiday money on an Airbnb in the heart of Melbourne and thought I'll make the most out of this sad little holiday.

The first two days went by so fast and I didn't get anything done. Before any of this happened I was experimenting with 'TikTok' as a platform potentially be used for promotional activities at RMIT. I had all this time on my hand so I started making TikTok videos. I cannot dance to save my life so I started with little comedy sketches. At first, I got 300-800 views on my videos which I thought was really impressive. I was slowly realising the power of this app as my view count grew significantly. 

When I finally came out of isolation, I had 400 followers on TikTok and 2000 likes on my videos. I also had re-directed my audience to Instagram because I thought that would bring more people in.

I moved to a new share-house which was a big fat scam. I was looking for a private room with an ensuite bathroom (obviously didn’t want to share amid the crisis) and air-conditioning but when I got to the place, it had none of that. I know that you are thinking 'what does this have to do with how he got 20k followers?' but I want you to understand my frustration which led me to do what I did next. I was jet-lagged, tired, isolated, no gig and I was ready to lose it all. 

I found another share-house and moved there within two days. I had a generous friend of mine to help me move my things. I felt so relieved to finally settle down after three weeks of traveling, disappointment, isolation, and disappointment again. I felt so angry and frustrated so I wanted to release that on to something. I downloaded a small clip from 'Lion King' and dubbed it over in Sinhalese, released it on Instagram. I fell asleep.

A glimpse of success to build something

The next morning when I woke up, I had more than 10,000 views on the video and over 1000 followers on my Instagram. People absolutely loved it and I was getting at least 20 messages per minute. You read that right; per minute.

I was so motivated so I kept going. I downloaded random videos from YouTube and started dubbing over them; people went crazy over them. Within just a day I had over 21k reach on my account and 87k impressions made so I continued creating content. I was on a roll and I felt like that I am at the top of my game. 

The viewer count kept on growing by the minute. As a growth strategy, I reached out to some famous celebrities in Sri Lanka to collaborate with me on a couple of videos and it was so successful that it exploded my viewer base. Within a week, I got 20k followers and close to 3 million impressions. What mattered to me the most was how much people loved my content and how genuinely thankful they were for helping them cope up with the stress of this pandemic. This meant so much to me.


I realized that I can probably make a revenue stream by re-directing these people to YouTube so I created a YouTube account and uploaded my videos there. I asked my large following on Instagram to subscribe to my YouTube channel and gained 3000 subscribers overnight.

What I learned from this project 

I just wanted to share what I did to survive adversity, while being isolated and I am proud of what I’ve achieved in such a short time. I am also releasing a new song on YouTube tomorrow which I did not have the courage to do before.

I'm not going to end this article with a cliche motivational quote. Instead, I urge you to go and do what you always wanted to do. You will surprise yourself and the others around you!